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Buying or selling a multifamily property in Dallas Fort Worth?  Our BOV services provide you with the true market value of the target property.

FREE DFW Apartment BOVs

3 – 5 Day Turnaround times

On-Site Underwriting Team

Historical BOV to Closing Sales Price equals 101%

FREE apt. marketing plan

Multifamily BPO Service vs Formal Apartment Appraisals

Our local knowledge will save you a lot of time, and money.

The Broker’s Opinion of Value (BOV), also known as Broker Price Opinion (BPO), is a popular way of quickly estimating the value of a property.   Our Apartment appraisers in Dallas can generally complete a simple  BPO / BOV in as little as 72 hours to 5 days.  Their knowledge of the Dallas Ft. Worth multifamily market saves clients valuable time and money when they need a Broker’s Price Opinion that is accurate, affordable, and on-time.  

Multifamily Property BPO / BOV Services

Common Reasons for a Broker Price Opinion:

  • estimating value prior to purchase or sale
  • estimating collateral value when securing a new loan or refinancing
  • estimating liquidation value
  • buying out a partner’s interest

Broker Price Opinion (BPO) Report Example

A BPO / BOV can be completed based on a property visit or a full inspection of a property’s interior. Either way, we provide a fair market value based on sales comparisons and income projections. commonly include these elements in a BPO:

  • Sub-Market Overview and Trends – Neighborhood conditions, demographic summary, employment growth, population growth, traffic count, construction/development activity, vacancy and lease rates trends, and recent/relevant local news.
  • General Information – Property location, address, building type and size, site map, aerial photos
  • Site Description – Detailed information about visibility, access and ownership.
  • Property Condition – Detailed description of the buildings (size, dimensions) to include notes on its visible condition.
  • Tenant Data – Analysis of a property’s rent roll, Lease terms, lease expiration, notes, and more on every tenant.
  • Zoning Report – This will look at whether the property complies with local zoning rules.
  • Recent Comparable Sales – Photos and analysis of at least three recent comparable sales, including adjustments, similarities, and differences.
  • Comp Reports – Photos and analysis of at least three comparable properties listed for sale.
  • Proforma – Stabilized and/or multi-year proforma of Gross Potential Income, Expenses, and Net Operating Income (NOI).
  • Value Add Opportunities – The overall “story” of the property with an itemized list of how the investor can add value.

We’ll Even Include Marketing Plan for Selling Your Apartment Complex in DFW

A marketing plan to sell your apartment property – a strategic mix of digital and traditional marketing tactics can include investor phone calls, broker meetings, database marketing, email blasts, online listings, display advertising, Google ads, a dedicated web sales page and more! 

The 4 Types of 1031 Property Exchanges

Delayed 1031 Exchange

The most common. Delayed Exchanges occur when the original property is relinquished before acquiring the replacement property.

Simultaneous 1031 Exchange

Simultaneous exchanges are when the relinquished property and the replacement property close on the same day. Requires expert excution.

Construction 1031 Exchange

Funds improvements to the replacement property by using tax-deferred dollars while held by a qualified intermediary for the a 180 day exchange period.

Reverse 1031 Exchange

Requires all cash to buy the replacement property through an exchange accommodation titleholder before exchanging the relinquished apartment