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Apartment investors utilize our commercial family evaluations to stay ahead of changes in the DFW multi-housing real estate market.

FREE DFW Apartment BPO

FREE apt. marketing plan

On-site Senior Underwriters

Historical BOV to Closing Sales Price equals 101%

Trusted in DFW for Multi-Housing Valuations

Our Property Evaluations Team employs local knowledge with sophisticated analytics tools, real-time comparable sales data, latest CRM technology, and information graphic design to craft comprehensive apartment valuations that paint an accurate picture of current property values and market trends. Refined through billions of dollars is transactions, our proven valuation process and methodologies produce accurate results that lead to more reliable recommendations and advice for clients.  The ultimate goal is to help clients maximize the strength of their asset and minimize its weaknesses, while identifying value add opportunities and controlling risk.

Walk-Thru and Drive-by Apartment Appraisals

Whether for an individual apartment or multi-state SFR portfolio, each apartment evaluation includes these 7 elements:


  1. Property overview
  2. Customized financial/pricing models
  3. Zoning information
  4. Recent comparable sales data based on property type and location
  5. Demographic statistics
  6. Neighborhood overview and highlights
  7. Market fundamentals data (residential rental rates, recent condominium prices, etc.)

We’ll Even Include Marketing Plan for Selling Your Apartment Complex in DFW

A marketing plan to sell your apartment property – a strategic mix of digital and traditional marketing tactics can include investor phone calls, broker meetings, database marketing, email blasts, online listings, display advertising, Google ads, a dedicated web sales page and more! 

The 4 Types of 1031 Property Exchanges

Delayed 1031 Exchange

The most common. Delayed Exchanges occur when the original property is relinquished before acquiring the replacement property.

Simultaneous 1031 Exchange

Simultaneous exchanges are when the relinquished property and the replacement property close on the same day. Requires expert excution.

Construction 1031 Exchange

Funds improvements to the replacement property by using tax-deferred dollars while held by a qualified intermediary for the a 180 day exchange period.

Reverse 1031 Exchange

Requires all cash to buy the replacement property through an exchange accommodation titleholder before exchanging the relinquished apartment