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Non-recourse, assumable fixed rate financing for the acquisition or refinance of stabilized multifamily rental or cooperative properties.

Apartment Loan Amount

Minimum $3,000,000

Fannie Mae DUS® Fixed Rate Multifamily Loan Program Term Sheet

Loan Amount

Minimum $3,000,000

Loan Term
5-, 7-, 10- or 15-year balloon; 20-, 25- or 30-year fully amortizing

25 or 30 years, based on property condition; Interest-only financing is available

Loan to Value Maximum
Maximum 80% of appraised value, or if property has been purchased within the past 12 months, 80% of lower of: a) purchase price, plus value added renovation, plus 3% closing costs, or b) appraisal

Coverage Minimum
1.25x minimum

Domestic single asset borrowing entity is required

Multifamily Mortgage Interest Rates
Risk-based “Tier” pricing, varying with LTV and DSC ratios

Prepayment Terms
Yield Maintenance with no lockout, defeasance, or fixed, step-down prepayment schedules

Third Party Reports
MAI Appraisal, Physical Needs Assessment, and Environmental Phase I Assessment are required, plus Seismic Report may be required for properties in Seismic Zones 3 and 4


Tax and insurance escrows are required; Funded Repair and Replacement escrow is required, based on engineer’s Physical Needs Assessment; For loans of less than 65% of value with no deferred maintenance, funding of repair and replacement reserve can be waived at lender’s discretion

Application Fee
$15,000; covers 3rd party reports and processing/underwriting costs

Origination Fee
Fannie Mae requires minimum origination fee equal to 1% of loan amount for loans of $9 million or less;
Minimum fee for loans over $9 million through $20 million is the greater of 0.8 percent or $90,000; Fees decrease further is increasing loan size; Origination fee can be charged “outside” of the interest rate as a separate fee, or it can be built into the rate

Legal Fees
$8,000 to $12,000 varying with characteristics of the deal

45-60 days from application to commitment; dependent on 3rd party report timing and borrower’s submission of due diligence

Rate Lock
Typically, lock occurs after commitment is issued; Streamlined Rate Lock option is available, allowing rate lock within 3-4 weeks of application

Loan is assumable, subject to lender approval of proposed replacement borrower; Fees include 1% assumption fee, part of which is paid to Fannie Mae, and a $3,000 processing fee to cover lender’s underwriting expenses

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