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1031 DST Exchanges

G.R.E.A. helps find 1031 DST Replacement Properties within 45-days that meets your price, debt ratio, and closing date criteria.

1031 Delaware Statuary Trust DST Replacement Properties in Texas

1031 Replacement Properties and Qualified Intermediary Services in Dallas Ft. Worth

Delaware Statutory Trusts (DST) are a smart investment vehicle for multi-housing real estate investors.  If you’ve sold your apartment property and are considering a 1031 Exchange, you must reinvest the proceeds within 45 days in commercial real estate or raw land. Besides our multifamily listings, we have off the market commercial family properties that may suit your needs!  Contact us today for qualified replacement property options.

Our Brokers handle the entire DST 1031 Exchange process to insure the exchange is closed in 45 days or less.

  • Due diligence reporting
  • Secure financing
  • Coordinate with transaction intermediaries
  • Develop organizational and offering documentation
  • Provide a legal tax opinion

Benefits of a DST 1031 Exchange

  • Avoid Taxes – If your 1031 Exchange property costs less than the relinquished property, we may be able to reduce or even eliminate some of the tax liability.
  • Deadline Compliance – 45-days goes fast. Our inventory of 1031 exchange-ready opportunities gives you immediate options.
  • Eliminate Management Responsibilities – Tired of dealing with tenants, toilets and trash? Exchange your current property a fully-managed real estate asset.
  • Monthly Cash Flow – DST real estate investments typically provide monthly cash flow from high quality properties.
  • Institutional Quality – A DST Exchange enables individual investors to pool their money for partial ownership in institutional quality, multifamily real estate.
  • Diversification – Using real estate to diversify your investment portfolio is a great way to accumulate wealth and generate income.
  • Non-Recourse Financing – If capital issues are delaying your 1031 Exchange, we offer no qualification, non-recourse financing.

Risks associated with a DST 1031 Exchange

  • Real estate risk – Investing in a DST 1031 Exchange carries risk, including but not limited to economic, market, environmental, interest, and tenant default risk.
  • Illiquidity – A DST is illiquid and suitable only for long-term investors. There is no national market through which an investor may sell his/her interests.
  • Income and growth risk–A DST investment will never pay distributions or increase in value. Investors may lose some or all of their investment.
  • Fees and Expenses – Significant fees and expenses may be associated with a DST and can outweigh the benefits.
  • Leverage Risk – Using debt to purchase real estate increases volatility and introduces the risk of foreclosure.
  • Lack of Control – Investors in a DST have limited rights and no control over important aspects of the management and sale of the property.​​
  • Tax Risk – There are additional tax risks related to a 1031 exchange into a DST. Investors should consult their legal and tax professionals.
  • Other Risks – This is only a partial list of the risks associated with investing in a DST. A complete list of risks can be found in the Private Placement Memorandum.

4 Types of 1031 Property Exchanges

Delayed 1031 Exchange

The most common. Delayed Exchanges occur when the original property is relinquished before acquiring the replacement property.

Construction 1031 Exchange

Funds improvements to the replacement property by using tax-deferred dollars while held by a qualified intermediary for the a 180 day exchange period.

Simultaneous 1031 Exchange

Simultaneous exchanges are when the relinquished property and the replacement property close on the same day. Requires expert excution.

Reverse 1031 Exchange

Requires all cash to buy the replacement property through an exchange accommodation titleholder before exchanging the relinquished apartment